Saturday, April 11, 2009


Overall, the integrity of this story has been made possible with the use of good photographs and accompanying sounds (music and narratives).

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bobo sat alone at the bar counter and occasionally had quiet conversations with his friends. Bobo was a Vietnam veteran who served in the Navy. “You are from Japan?” Bobo said. “I have been to Japan.” During a mission, his ship stopped at Yokosuka U.S. Navy Base. “I remember going to a street in the heart of Yokosuka City where shops, restaurants, and bars were customized for U.S. personnel,” Bobo said. “I don’t remember the street’s name.” “People on the street were very friendly to us, “Bobo said. “I had fun time with local girls.” Bobo said, “One of the things I loved about Japan was its cleanliness and beauty.”

Fill/Balance Flash_3

Devil's Elbow, Missouri is one of the historic Route 66 (also known as ‘the Mother Road’) places in the Ozarks. The community started in 1870 and was named for a dangerous bend in the Big Piney River. Lumberjacks would float logs down the river and they would frequently jam at this bend. There was a large boulder in the river at this point that some lumberjacks swore was put there by the devil.

One of the surviving attractions in Devil’s Elbow is the historic Elbow Inn. The inn started in the 1930s and originally names as Munger Moss Sandwich Shop. The shop was known for its barbecue recipe.

After the popularity of the Mother Road declined due to a nationwide development of Interstate Highway System, Devil’s Elbow Inn has become a bar, full of Route 66 memorabilia, where Route 66 enthusiasts, bikers, and local people hang out for a fun time.

A uniqueness of the Devil’s Elbow is that innumerable pieces of bras are hanging on the ceiling. “Those pieces of bras have accumulated since women started to give away their bras during the summer,” Kris said. “I know a lot about a history of Devil’s Elbow, but I don’t know how the custom started.”

Fill/Balance Flash_2

On April 4Th, 2009, David and Donnie were fishing red horse at Big Piney River near a small town of Devil’s Elbow in Missouri. “We quiet often fish here,” David said. “I come here along with my brother every time he goes for fishing.” As to why he liked to fish, “I don't’ know,” David said. “I just fish.” David has been unemployed since he lost his job at pallet place. “The current U.S. economy is really bad, “ David said. “Local economy of my town is bad too.” As to why he lost the job, “I quite it,” David said. “I don’t why…”

What David is holding in the photo is bass.

Fill/Balance Flash_1

For the first take, I drove out to a small town called, Devil’s Elbow. It was located approximately 12 miles from the city of Rolla in Missouri. The town is one of many historic towns that still embrace the Route 66 culture.

While driving through the Ozark Mountain, I found a river called, Big Piney River boasting natural beautify of the mountain region. Although there were still leafless trees and dead grass on the riverbank, I thought the environment would work well for the assignment.

People were almost scarce except drivers occasionally passed by. Luckily enough, I found two people fishing at the riverbank. Their names were Donnie (short-haired) and David (long-haired). They were brothers who would quite often fish red horse around the area.

As usual, a fisherman is a loaner. As I asked David for permission to photograph, he said, “YI don't mind, but I don’t talk.” I was interested in capturing the environment as beautiful as possible and people in it.

The available light changed slightly between the two takes. However, without fill flash, the subject in the second photo (the one below) would look as dark as the one in the first photo.

Spring Break

One of the places I went to during Spring Break was Sioux Falls in South Dakota. It was a freezing day up there. By the evening, the outside temperature was right around 32F. I was not impressed by the falls, Sioux Falls was unique in its own characteristics. At least, I added one state to a list of states I had been to. There are 22 states more to go.

I experimented with time exposure under a freezing temperature. Sometimes, my camera behaved erratically under the harsh weather. To my surprise, however, time exposure works well with digital camera. Noise is nearly free, but it should depend on a model of camera. Each image looks slightly soft. It is most likely because of lens diffraction. With smaller aperture such as f11 or F16, we can get a maximum depth of field, but a lens will lose the ability to resolve. Usually, a lens will yield maximum resolving power when the aperture is stopped down by 2 ~ 3 stops from its widest opening.

Color Correction

Mrs. Judy Weatherspoon has been working at SOFAS & MORE, custom-made furniture business for eighteen years. “The current U.S. economy has been hurting furniture business across the nation,” said Mrs. Weatherspoon “Our business has survived the downturn economy because of our local customers’ strong supports.”

Her unique last name comes from her second husband’s family name. Mr. Robert Weatherspoon is a Scottish-American. They have been married for thirty years. “I fell in love with him when my friend introduced me to him at a party,” said Mrs. Weatherspoon “He was a hillbilly with a mustache and a long hair.” “He was an exact type,” said Mrs. Weatherspoon. “One night at a party, he stumbled into me while we were dancing. He whispered ‘excuse me’ and kissed me." “I knew that he was the one,” said Mrs. Weatherspoon.

“You are the first one who dared to photograph me,” said Mrs. Weatherspoon. “I don’t look good on a picture.” “ I am old.”

Single Flash Bounced

Once we understand how camera and flash work, we can use sigle flash for a creative image.

As much I bounced single flash off the ceiling, this image was bounced from being graded.

So Be It...